Emily’s Drawing


I did do all of these pictures on the computer with Adobe Photoshop CS2. I am hoping that when we upgrade to CS5 they will be surely a lot better in details. Most of them took about 5-7 hours to do or less. You surely can see the difference by style and type. Dates are on them. I was inspired by songs & other artists.

*On the one picture with the brown and white dragons I did it with the dodge tool and different brushes. My second picture ever done. I am still very proud with it!! Dragons names are Jake and Vixena*

*The one titled ‘Let Go’ I did in Febuary. But finished the highlights and foreground (not back) like yesterday. I liked the foreground style  form a video on youtube so I tried it out, it worked out great! It is on a filter called glass, I really liked it. The dragons name is Sunna. (Grandma LaRene should known whose name it is. He He)*

*Spyro comes form a video game I adore. There is two images that I used in this picture, the sky and sand. Tried a style and turned out great! Layers where softened to look like so. Took only one day to do. ^^*

*The dragon in the dance lights is mine. I liked to make it look like SuZair was dancing. Another one dayer.  I loved the name form grandma LaRene’s book ‘Stones’ Quest #1’*

I don’t love the way I shaded. I dislike how the smudge tool and blur tool works. Just gotta work with what you have. :shrugs: I do sketches before line art. Basic Colors. Dark Shading, then light. Details, next background.

Questions are always welcome. I can do requests for FAMILY ONLY or good friends. Just my type of things I draw. I will try my best to put more on here.

Emily ^^

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  1. Clyda Says:

    Way to be Em. I am really impressed. You have got some made skills. Keep it up. You are one talented little girl. Glad I get to call you my niece. Love you.

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