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Snow Day

Sunday, February 15th, 2009

We built our first snow family in our home.  The kids were really creative because they added a snow dog and a dead snow gerbil.  Yes, Gerald the gerbil died a few months back, he has now been immortalized in snow at least until it melts.

Which are the people and which are the snowmen

Which are the people and which are the snowmen?

Em created a snow dog to represent tucker.

Em created a snow dog to represent tucker.

The snow gerbil has a halo and wings, because "he is dead" as abby puts it.

The snow gerbil has a halo and wings, because "he is dead" as Abby puts it.

Abby's sleeping place

Saturday, February 14th, 2009

Last night Abby wanted to sleep somewhere other than her bed. I gave her a list of options, and one of them was in the bath tub. It was more of a joke than serious. I told her to figure it out and left her to decide on her own. When Marv and I came back up to check on her last night, we found her in the tub fast asleep. I laugh even now as I think about it.
Asleep in the tub

You know this is going to show up in her wedding video in the future.

The next morning we asked her how comfortable she was and she said it was very comfortable.  No she has not seen “I am Legend” where Will Smith’s character slept in the tub because he was afraid of the zombies outside.

Dodged another cancer bullet

Saturday, February 7th, 2009

Jolyn gave us a little scare this week.  She went in for her check up with the dermatologist who found cancer on her face last year.  He removed three more moles from her.  As you know Jolyn isn’t covered in moles like Larry the Cable Guy’s sister, but she has had to watch herself closely.  

Two of the moles came back fine, but the third was in her hair line just above her right ear were the cancerous mole was previously removed.  It came back that it wasn’t basal cell carcinoma like last time, but it also wasn’t normal and the doctor was concerned and wanted to send it off for further tests to see if it was melanoma.  

Well, that is all one wants to hear and with what we have been going through with my mom it brought our emotions very close to the surface. 

However on Thursday we received word from the pathologist that the mole cells were normal, just agitated from being brushed since they were in the hair.  Whooo!  Boy was that good news.  Tough week, but it ended well.

Mt. Rushmore from Behind

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

I have traveled to Mt. Rushmore more times than I can count.  You probably have seen this passed around, but I have always wondered what it looked like on the other side.