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Happy Anniversary

Saturday, January 31st, 2009


Anniversary AnnouncementJolyn and I recently celebrated our 12th year anniversary.  Jolyn gave me a card that statistically laid out a few things that has happened in our lives since we have been married. I thought it was a great idea and wanted to expand it even further.

We have gone through much together over these last 12 years.

  • We brought 3 beautiful children into our family, 2 spending time in the NICU.
  • Moved 6 times.
  • Purchased 2 homes, 4 vehicles, 3 dogs and 1 horse.
  • Jolyn has graduated from the university and has now gone back for more.
  • Marv has pursued 3 different professions.
  • Marv has received 5 different professional licenses.
  • We have dealt with cancer once, beat it. Now we are watching someone close go through a worse form of cancer.
  • We have had 6 bone breaks, one being a major femur bone.
  • We have had 7 different surgeries.
  • We have lost one father (Grandfather).
  • We have traveled to 13 different states.

These are only a few of the things we chosen to do. Life has thrown us other obstacles of illness, pain and sorrow, but overall we have developed only 4 laugh lines and 2 frown lines on our faces. So I think these 12 years have been good years!
The great thing about this list is that each one of you could make a similar list yourself.  It is not that we are special, but it is amazing when you list the things you have gone through it is kind of fun to see what has been done in a short amount of time.

Special Family Christmas Gift

Sunday, January 18th, 2009

For Christmas Marv did something very special for me. He commissioned an LDS artist to sketch this portrait of my dad. This was a complete surprise. I had no idea he was going to do this. The artist is Jean Keaton. She happens to be our neighbor just living across the street. Right after we moved in, Marv started talking to Jean about sketching this picture. Jean does many of these portraits. She told Marv that it probably would be a year wait for her to finish, just because there is that long of a waiting list. That was in July, she was able to finish this portrait on Friday, December 19th, the day before we went to Vernal to celebrate Christmas.

Marv collected different pictures of my dad and gave them to Jean. During one of the conversations he had with Jean, Jean asked if there was just the three kids in my family. Marv said no, that I had a brother who passed away just after he was born. So in the picture she sketched my dad holding my brother Josh. If Josh were alive today, he would be 37 years old, Marv’s age. When Marv told Jean that she asked if she should put a baby in the picture as well. And he said yes! There was some divine guidance.

Marv gave this picture to me on December 20th when we were in Vernal. The way he did it was just perfect. After we opened presents with my family, Jessi, my sister said she had a video to show us that she put together. The video was titled “Growing up as a Hacking”. It was pictures of my family and all of us growing up on the ranch. It was amazing! Marv had no idea that Jessi was going to do this. And it set the stage for his gift. After the video was finished, Marv said he had a special gift to give. He then showed us the portrait and went on to explain the process he went through to have it put together. We were all amazed! And yes, we were all crying our eyes out! It was so neat! Marv had typed up his thoughts of my dad and experiences he has had. It was beautiful!

This was such a special Christmas gift. I absolutely love the portrait. Jean did an amazing job at portraying my dad. It looks so much like him. I love to look at this picture and know that my dad is now happy and he is with my brother. I am so thankful that Marv did this for me and my family. My mom said to me later, “Marv sure made our Christmas.” I completely agree with her. This gift was given at just the right time. Not two days before, I was commenting to Marv about how I wish we did more for my dad at Christmas and even remembered my brother more. And then he did this. Amazing! It is amazing how things work out!