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Halloween Fun!

Friday, October 31st, 2008

This year we had a lot of fun for Halloween! We started off the festivities by hosting our Ellis Family Halloween Party. This is a favorite of our kids and all the cousins. We have been having a family Halloween party for at least the last eight years. 

This year Emily dressed up as a Fifties girl. Abby and Blake were both pirates! Marv was a racquetball player and I was a soccer player. Marv and I struggle each year to find a costume. So this year we just raided our closet to see what we could dress up as. The soccer uniform is Emily’s! I think we all look adorable.

Ben, Missy and Logan dressed up as a Lion, Tiger and Bear – Oh My! Jana, Matt, Tyson and their dog Jack were Shrek characters – Shrek, a princess, a prince and a dragon. Zach and Kalab were dressed as an Ewok and a Ninja. Grandma and Grandpa were dressed as a witch and a Walmart Greater. I just love how we all like to dress up. It is a lot of fun!

For our party this year, I cooked a chopped off Monster Foot for dinner. (It was only meat loaf, but very life-like.) The kids always gross out each year with our exciting concoctions. In the past we have eaten: Monster veins (spaghetti), Zombie teeth (corn), brains (gray jello), and witch fingers (breadsticks) to name a few. This year Emily told me that she is sometimes afraid to eat what I make for our Halloween dinner. I just smiled!

This year we traveled to Vernal on Halloween Night. We attended a Trunk or Treat at Jessi’s ward. Tyler, Angie and their girls also came out. It is always fun getting together and raiding Grandma Linda’s house.

Below are some photos of our Halloween party.

Pictures of the place

Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

My sister has been giving me “crap” for not getting pictures of our place on our blog.  We failed to take some pictures of the place before the upgrades, so we can show you a before and after shot as we wanted.  

  Here is a picture of the front of the house







  This is the library/music room, which is just off the main entry way of the home.







 This is the front room from off the main entry.  Through the mirror on the wall you can see the library on the opposite side.







 This is the family room in the back of the house connected to the kitchen.  I apparently deleted the kitchen photos, so you don’t get to see them.






I hope you enjoy some of the photos.