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Back to School – for all of us!!

Monday, September 1st, 2008

School here we come!!! We are so excited for school this year!

Our kids are growing up too fast! This year all our kids will be in school everyday. Emily will be in 4th grade. Abby will be in 3rd grade. Blake, mom’s baby, is going to kindergarten. Blake is excited to go to school with his sisters. He is in afternoon kindergarten, so he will walk home with the girls.

All three are excited to go to school. Emily loves math and art, of course! She is our amazing artist. Abby loves reading, math and anything else to do with school. She is so much like her mother in this regards. And Blake is excited to go to recess! He is not quite sure what to expect this year. I love the preschool he went to last year. I know it prepared him really well for kindergarten. Yet he is not sure what exactly will be happening everyday.

I am excited to have all my kids in school. So excited in fact, I have decided to go back to school myself. I guess four years of college just wasn’t enough. I am going back to school to become a Physical Therapist Assistant. I am attending SLCC. This year I will be completing some pre-requisites and then next year I will get into the program. I started school a week before the kids did. It has been kind of crazy to go back. Today in my Human Growth and Development class, my professor had our class line up by age, so we could talk about being born at different times. I was the fourth to oldest one in the class. I felt so old, and I am not that old!!! School is definitely different the second time around. But I have always loved school and learning. I am very glad I have this opportunity to go back and learn something new and different this time.

Marv is always studying and learning new information for the financial world. Now all five of us will be in school together!!