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Playing in the Mud!

Saturday, August 16th, 2008

The kids were playing outside. I did not know that they had decided to turn our garden area into a mud hole. I guess which kid can resist the urge to play in the mud? I know my kids can’t. They had so much fun slipping and sliding and doing belly flops into the mud. A couple of days later, our neighbors behind us said they watched our kids playing and laughed and laughed at them. They said it is good to have kids living in this home again!

Hey we’ve moved!!!

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

If you do not know, we moved in July.  And we are now getting the word out.  Sorry it has taken so long to let everyone know.  Our life has been busy! 

We purchased a home in Kaysville, not far from our first home.  It is in still the same great neighborhood and our kids are still in the same elementary school, which I am so happy about.

Marv got a great birthday present for his birthday this year – a new house.  So on June 25th, the home became ours and the work began.  Our home was built in 1993 and has had little cosmetic work done to it, so we need to do a lot of updating.  So on June 26th we got busy and started ripping down wallpaper, ripping up carpet and let the kids run all over our new home.

We have pictures to illustrate the changes we made, but they do not do it justice to show  all the time, sweat and hard work put into this home.  For two weeks, Jolyn lived at the new house and Marv took three days off plus nights to get everything we wanted accomplished.

We painted the main floor and upstairs (all the rooms, including the high vaulted ceilings).  We tiled our entry and dinning room area, which is about 300 sq feet, as well as our master bathroom. We also carpet the main floor and upstairs.  We left the downstairs as it is.  It did not need any updating.  Thank goodness.

We did not do it all ourselves.  We had so much help from family and friends.  We are so grateful for all the help.  Jolyn’s mom spent two weekends helping us out.  We also had a lot of other help.  Thank you to Linda, Marv, LaRene, Josh, Jerlyn, Ben, Jana, Tyler, and Angie for all the painting, wallpaper removal, and cleaning that you did.   Also we had a great couple who are our good friends help us with the tile.  Liza and Justin helped us get the floor prepped and then helped get the tile going and we took over from there ourselves.

It is unbelievable to think how much we accomplished in two short weeks.  The results are amazing.  We love the home and the layout of it.  It is great to have lots of room to live in.  The kids love it.  They are so happy to have their own room.  However, for the first couple of weeks they kept finding reasons to all sleep in the same room or area.  They missed having each other around.  Even now Blake tries to sneak into Abby’s room at night. 

Our neighborhood and ward members are great.  They have been very generous and kind.  We ate so many treats the first week it was great.  We had one couple in the neighborhood that we didn’t know come and help touch up paint a tall vaulted room and kitchen, which speed things up.  We also had two families volunteer to help get our yard back into shape.  (The previous owners let weeds take over!!) 

We are so happy and loving every minute being here.  Even with all the extra work that entails with a new home!  We are not complaining!

We email everyone our new address and phone number.  I did not want to post it on the our blog.  If you did not get it, just email us back.

Here are some updating photos.