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We're finally moving

Saturday, May 31st, 2008

The old baseball adage, “three strikes and your out”.  In our case, it was “three strikes and you move.”  We put an offer on a home and they accepted, it was the third offer this year on three different homes.  It is a buyer’s market out there and it will remain one for a while because of the difficulty to get a loan, but prices are still too inflated.  So we didn’t settle on just any home, it had to be one worth owning.  

Our first home we put an offer on, no one had placed any offers for 180 days, a moving company had taken over the home and the day we put our offer in, two other offers came in at the same time and beat us out.  That was a hard blow.  Marv didn’t want to put an offer on that home until he passed his Series 7 and the day after he did, we submitted our offer.  

The second home we found, which had some wonderful features, it was only on the market for a couple of days when we found it.  We put an offer on it the same day we walked through, but was late by one hour.  So we took a second position on the home and it eventually expired and we were out.  A second position means that if the first offer has any problems, we switch places and we become the first offer and they the second offer.  It is a good way to take over a home if you really want it when someone else beat you to it.  

After the second home strike out, we licked our wounds and started looking around again.  After months of prayers, asking what we needed to learn from the situation and how we can understand more Father’s time lines over ours, we found it.  The home we actually bought, we saw after it was on the market for a couple of days.  It was exactly in the neighborhood we wanted, but we didn’t get real excited about the home in general.  It was priced higher than the market could bare for its square foot, so we knew it wasn’t going anywhere.  The second home we put an offer on was priced at $76 a square foot and the average home in our area goes for around $100 a square foot.

We looked at a lot more homes and kept coming back to the one we eventually bought.  We went and saw it a second time and then did a lot of praying to see if it was the right one.  It was frustrating because we weren’t really getting an answer that it was or wasn’t the right home for us.  It made us think about that general conference talk on prayer and how sometimes you get a yes or no answer and then sometimes you get nothing because the Lord wants you to make the decision.  

At first, it felt that he wanted us to make our own decisions, which was hard for us, because buying a home is so expensive and we didn’t want to make a mistake.  We wanted the Lord to tell us what he wanted us to do before we would really make a decision ourselves.  We would go where ever he wanted us to go.  Yet a lot of times that is not how the Lord works.  He wants us to think it out, make a decision and then go to him to see if our decision is correct.    

What finally pushed us over to make a decision was to look at the home as to what we could do to it and not at how it currently looks.  Once we did that we were able to see some real value and an exciting home.  Once we had made a decision to buy this home, the Lord gave us an answer that it was the correct home.  

We put in an offer, they countered very close to our asking price and it ended up being a very good win/win situation.  We will close around the end of the month of June and then we probably have two weeks of upgrades to do on the home.  The present owners have a cat and two dogs, and Marv with his sniffer could detect cat urine in a few of the rooms, which he absolutely hates.  So there will be a lot of carpet removal occurring.  

We know it has been a while since we posted.  It just has been a very hard few months and we haven’t been in the mode to write, if you know what we mean.