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Series 7 and Cancer Free

Friday, March 21st, 2008

As a family, we have had a lot happen.

On Monday, Marv took his Series 7 exam and passed.  This is a huge exam.  It is 6 hours long.  They break it up into two parts, part 1 you answer 130 questions and then take an hour break to come back and answer another 130 questions for a grand total of 260 questions.  Nationally, only 66% pass and the national average score is 73%.  Marv received a 76%.  He wanted his score a little higher, but he is just glad it is over.

Marv has already started studying for his next Series exam, which is the Series 66.  This exam gives him the ability to be an Investment Advisor Representative.  In essence, he can charge fees.  The Series 66 exam is only 2 and half hours long and a 105 questions.  This exam will be a lot easier to pass, because it repeats his Series 63 exam that he took a few years ago and received an 80% on, so there is a lot of redundancy he is noticing in his studies.

The bigger news is Jolyn is now cancer free.  Yesterday she had her surgery done to remove the cancer on her face.  She is doing well, but in slight pain and discomfort.  The worst part is she could only sleep on one side during the night, which is usually the side she sleeps on, but she wanted to roll over so bad just because she knew she couldn’t.  You know that feeling.  Your not hungry until you start fasting.  :-)

The procedure went real well.  She went in and they removed about 8 mm of tissue, which is about the size of Marv’s index finger.   They then tested all the removed tissue and came back that they removed all the cancer on the first try.  They then removed a little more tissue to make the opening a football shape to stitch up, where before it was a round circle.   They then did a series of deep stitches and then a series of outer stitches.  In all the cut is almost an inch long on the right side of her cheek bone by the hair line.

Marv is kicking himself for not bringing the camera and at least taking a picture.   She sat in the operating chair for more than a half an hour with the open wound visible, while Marv was studying.  They cauterized the opening to minimize bleeding.  Marv commented that it was like branding calves, between the smell and smoke rising as the doctor worked on her.  For those who have done that before, there is an image.

Horton Hears a Who

Saturday, March 15th, 2008

For my daughters birthday part we took all her friends to go see “Horton Hears a Who”.  It was a very good movie.  I highly recommend taking your whole family to go and see it.  Hollywood has butchered Dr. Seuss with “Cat in the Hat” and “The Grinch”.  They did a very good job at nailing the feel, story and purpose of Dr. Suess’ story with “Horton Hears a Who”.

Horton Hears a Who

As we were driving home, my daughter Emily asked me why the Kangaroo in the movie was so mean to Horton.  In the movie, she kept saying, “If you can’t see it, can’t hear it, then it doesn’t exist.”  She went out of her way to stop Horton, because he became a threat to her way of life.  I explained to Emily that many people have the same belief in our society.  If they can’t see it or hear it, then it doesn’t exist.  She didn’t understand what I was talking about.  So I explained to her that people say that about God.  Since they can’t see him or hear him, he doesn’t exist. 

Right after I said that my son said, “they can’t hear Jesus because he has a quiet voice.”  Kids will say the neatest things.   😛